Summer holiday outings


My summer holidays in Japan ends this weekend, but if you’ve still got some time, here is a survey from @nifty into summer travel that might give you some ideas for what to do.

My summer holidays have amounted to going to the cinema, and this weekend I have an appointment at the dentist…

I’ve not seen any fireworks in the Tokyo region, but I’ve viewed the top three in the West Japan list. I’ve also been to all the five listed West Japan World Heritage sites, but only one of the zoos, although many zoos in Japan are pretty depressing places with tiny cages for huge animals.

Now, pictures of the top (or close to top) locations in Q2 to Q6:

Sumida River Fireworks

Sumida river Fireworks

Naniwa Fireworks (no decent Tenjin photos to be found)


Kiyomizu Temple

Stage at Kiyomizu

Ueno Zoo

Ueno zoo, Tokyo, Japan

FujiQ Highland Haunted Hospital exit

[FujiQ Highlands]  Haunted Hospital
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World Heritage site visits and opinions in Japan

Are you interested in World Heritige? graph of japanese statisticsIn Japan I’ve been to a number of UNESCO World Heritage sites – the Hiroshima Genbaku Dome (the dome itself is a bit of a disappointment), old Kyoto and Nara, Himeji Castle and I think Koyasan, which falls into the Kii mountains heritage zone. To find out that the average Japanese person feels about these sites, MyVoice performd a survey on this topic of Japan’s World Heritage sites.


Over the first five days of October 2007 17,163 members of the MyVoice internet community completed a private internet-based questionnaire. 54% of the sample was female, 2% in their teens, 17% in their twenties, 40% in their thirties, 25% in their forties, and 16% in their fifties.

The company that I work for every year produces a calendar with excellent photographs of World Heritage sites; back when I worked in Scotland we got a whole box of them free to distribute to business contacts and ourselves, but now in Japan we have to pay for them, but regardless, every year I try to send one back to the parents. At least they are rather cheap with the postage usually costing more than the calendar and mailing tube.

Without resorting to the web, I think I could only name three Scottish sites – Edinburgh Old and New Town, New Lanark, and I think St Kilda. Checking it out further, the fourth Scottish site is Neolithic Orkney, which I had a suspicion about. In Q2, I’ve definitely visited more than 10 World Heritage sites, although I couldn’t list them of the top of my head. By tracing my trips to Europe, though, I could name up to 20 locations where surely the majority of them must be listed! Similarly, the answer on naming 30 world sites; give me enough chances to give wrong answers and I could easily meet that figure!

Of the sites I haven’t been to, Iwami Ginzan Silver Mine is the one I’d most like to visit. I must admit, however, to having never heard of Yakushima until this survey!
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