Smartphone and tablet market share in Japan


Who is the maker of the tablet you use the most? graph of japanese statisticsJust a quick pair of statistics for today, taken from the article by on the SmartPhone Contents Report Vol.04 by Video Research Interactive.


Between the 8th and 12th of February 2013 21,789 internet users completed an internet-based questionnaire. For the final report, the data obtained from the survey was weighted according to Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications statistics on internet users in 2011.

Sadly, my employer does not make it into either of the lists…
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Where Japanese F2 women spent their November

Just a quick statistic today, a look at an investigation by Video Research Interactive (VRI) into web sites visited by the F2 demographic, namely women aged between 35 and 49 years old.

Statistics gathering methodology

Taking the 200 most popular Japanese web domains in November 2012 as a base, VRI used their own particular methodology to determine the percentage of visits that came from the F2 demographic between the 1st and 30th of Novermber 2012. It is not noted whether the counts included smartphones and mobile phones along with PCs.

Note that over all 200 domains, the F2 demographic made up 15.7% of all visitors.

In lieu of a picture, here’s an ad for Belle Maison:

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Where to find young Japanese women on the net

ITmedia News recently reported on some research by Video Research Interactive into where F1 women (F1 just seems to be the marketing code-word for the women between the ages of 20 to 34) spend their time on the internet. There were two sets of figures recorded; one on which sites had the biggest percentage of F1 women, and which sites had the largest absolute numbers of F1 visitors. The data was collected over an unstated period, but I suspect it was for all of 2006.

It’s perhaps interesting to note that mixi has a significantly high number of young women users. I’m also rather surprised to see Geocities as the seventh overall most popular site in Japan. I thought the US version, at least, was basically dead.
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