Expectations for North Korea and their USA summit

This very timely survey from @Nifty looks at the Korean peninsula situation, and shows Japanese very interested, but little expectation of change.

I too share the general views expressed here; I want something positive to happen, but I’m not sure it will, especially since we are talking about a heartless and corrupt dictator surrounded with sycophants who would be happy to see the destruction of American democracy, and Kim is no better. The summit is turning into no more than a TV spectacle; “maximum pressure” has been dropped from the American lexicon, and rather than expecting results, it is now a “process”, and the summit seems now to be no more than a social get-to-know-you session.

Furthermore, Trump will be coming from a G6+1 meeting where he’ll be actively disliked and out of his depth, so no doubt the Kim side will exploit that with much buttering up and flat-out bribery, as that worked for China. My prediction for an outcome will be the continuation of North Korean claims and apparent actions towards denuclearisation but without inspections, whereas USA will draw down troop numbers in South Korea, a McDonalds in Pyongyang and the renaming of the Trump Ryugyong Hotel.