Two in five thinking of quitting Facebook


How often do full real life Facebook posts irritate you? graph of japanese statisticsThis was an interesting survey from Times Current titled rather dramatically “Being tired of other’s full real life”, a title based on a Japanese expression リア充, ria-juu, being satisfied with one’s real offline life.

One of my online (and offline too) friends is perhaps just a bit too much ria-juu with airline business class lounge photos, domestic holidays, posh dinners, etc, but it rather than annoying me it motivates me to work harder so I too can have a similar life.
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Lustrous-haired women are more attractive

How influential is hair for first impressions of other women? graph of japanese reported on a survey by TIMES-CURRENT into Japanese women’s hair; although the article wanted to draw the conclusion in the headline, I would reckon it is more that women who are attractive put more effort into their hair. The full Japanese-language report may be accessed here.


At some unspecified point in time and by some unspecified sampling methodology, 358 businesswomen and 353 businessmen living within the Tokyo area (Tokyo itself plus Kanagawa, Saitama and Chiba prefectures) completed a survey. 33.5% of the women were in their twenties, 33.5% in their thirties, and 33.0% in their forties; for the men, 31.7% were in their twenties, 34.0% in their thirties, and 34.3% in their forties.

I am fortunate that my wife has the traditional Japanese wonderful long straight black hair; well, actually it’s a very dark brown, and she used to get into trouble in school for being suspected of dyeing it…
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