Gurunavi and Tabelog Japan’s top restaurant sites


What is most useful reference for restaurant info? graph of japanese recently reported on a survey by goo Research into eating and drinking establishment usage, with this article focusing on web sites used for getting such information.


Between the 19th and 23rd of April 2013 1,098 members of the goo Research online monitor group completed a private internet-based questionnaire. 53.6% of the sample were male, 13.4% in their teens, 15.1% in their twenties, 21.3% in their thirties, 17.6% in their forties, 15.2% in their fifties, and 17.4% aged sixty or older.

I don’t really use these web sites much, as I tend to just visit a few regular places, and these places don’t have coupons that I can use. However, for work events our usual organiser uses mostly Gurunavi, and occasionally Tabelog.

As you can see if you follow the links, Gurunavi is the only place with English, although much of it is machine-translated and -transliterated, so the restaurant names come out rather wonky. Picking one from their selection for the day, it is listed as YAKINIKUDEN YUNIBAHSARUSHITEIWOHKUOOSAKANAITEN, but writing that as “Yakiniku Den Universal City Walk Osaka Naiten” would surely be more understandable!
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