Kanji that the Japanese don’t even know are kanji


I hope you’ve got a good Japanese font loaded, otherwise this survey from goo Ranking into characters that Japanese are surprised to find aren’t actually symbols.

The two characters that make up one of my favourite word appear in this list, 凸凹 dekoboko, which means what it looks like, unevenness. Even better, the two kanji in isolation have the meanings of convex and concave.

Note that a number of the meanings are radical; this means that they are just components of other kanji and often don’t actually have a meaning on their own.
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Unnecessary symbols in artists’ names

The Artist Formerly Known As Prince found it necessary to become symbol to escape from contracts, but in Japan there are a good number of people adding symbols to their stage names, which became the topic of this survey into who Japanese feel have unnecessary symbols in their names.

I’ll transliterate the artists’ names to English, but keep the symbols as is, just in case people who are less familiar with Japanese aren’t quite sure which is the strange symbol. Also note that some of the names are already in the Roman alphabet, so I’ll retain these as is. I’ve also noticed that WordPress has converted the first two people’s symbols to graphics, for some reason.

Gor☆geous (a space pirate, apparently), at least has a reason for the ☆ in his name, as you can see from this video:

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