Japan’s summer not liked by almost two-thirds


@nifty recently reported on a survey into summer.

Japan’s summer is far too hot and quite humid, interrupted by far too windy and extremely humid typhoons, so I quite understand why it doesn’t seem that popular here.

I don’t take any particular measures against mosquitoes; bites irritate me and the area swells up quite a bit, but it’s just too much bother for rather little effect, in my opinion. I’ve also once had nasty heatstroke that caused me to sweat about three litres-worth once I retired to an air-conditioned room to rest.

The seventh question was about which musicians or celebs suit summer; most of the names mean little to me, but number two was Keisuke Kuwata, who brings on a summer mood as soon as I hear any of his music. Here’s a currently-showing advert for Hawaii:

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