Japan’s favourite space movies


For a change, today’s ranking is from an @nifty survey into weather, but just to pad it out or something they added an extra question about favourite movies set in space, which has a distinct lack of weather, but let us press on regardless.

Interestingly, those under 39 years old seem to have much less interest in SF movies, or movies in general, perhaps? I could blame it on the internet, where movies might be devalued by their ease of consumption, whether it be legal or illegal access, whereas the older age groups have stronger memories of visiting cinemas to deeply experience the movies.

Depressingly, Armageddon remains rather popular; Rotten Tomatoes gives it a mere 39% rating, although the audience score is a better 73%. I must admit to not having watched it, but I suppose Bruce Willis is rather popular over here…

Here’s a great photo of one of ANA’s Star Wars jets:

Fantastic pan-shot of ANA's freshly delivered Boeing 777-300ER in C3PO Star Wars livery takes off from Kansai International Airport! #AllNipponAirways #KansaiInternationalAirport #KIX #Japan #ANA #c3po #starwars #disney #boeing777 #Repost 凄いかっこいい写真by @soh
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Space, the final frontier for Japanese tourists

DIMSDRIVE Research conducted an opinion poll amongst 6,416 members (39.9% male) of the their internet monitor group about their attitudes to outer space tourism. Having solved the food problem for the third who worry about eating in space, perhaps next the ISS engineers need to address the lack of a washlet in the inflight loo?

Q1: Do you think you want to travel into outer space? (Sample size=6,416)

Definitely want to go33.7%
Somewhat want to go33.8%
Don’t really want to go15.0%
Don’t want to go at all14.4%
Don’t know3.1%

On average, men were 10 percentage points more likely to definitely want to go, but the older both sexes got, the less keen they were.

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