Electronic cash most convenient for convenience stores


The oddly-named Softbrain Field Co Ltd (a seller of consumer data collected via users scanning receipts for points) recently conducted a survey into electronic cash usage.

I use my Suica card on my smartphone, and WAON plastic – I’ve tried migrating it to my phone, but I need to input a phone number to register it, but I cannot remember what one I used… I auto-charge my WAON; this feature is that when the balance falls below 3,000 yen, if I use at certain shops, mainly Aeon group companies, it automatically refills with another 3,000 yen. I don’t know if Suica offers that feature on their mobile app, as it has an utterly dreadful interface.

Here’s a WAON train with their mascot dog, although you cannot use WAON to ride a train:

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