Many social gamers are spenders, most regret their spending


Do you regret using money in social games? graph of japanese statisticsAccording to a recent survey from Just Systems and reported on by into social gaming, almost half the players had spent money on it, and 60% of them regretted their purchases!


Between the 10th and 13th of August 2012 1,000 members of the Just Systems-affiliated FastAsk monitor group who played social games completed a private internet-based questionnaire. No further demographics were given.

My wife spends what is, I suppose, technically real money on social games. She is a member of a number of online survey sites, and rather than cashing out, she transfers saved points to social games, in particular Oshare Dorobo, (perhaps “The Elegant Thief”) a Dress-Up Barbie-type game where in order to complete some quests you need (or so she claims) to buy particular hairdos which are only available from a random vending machine that costs 300 yen per spin. It’s probably about 1,500 yen’s worth of points per month she gets through, and I wish she’d never told me about the month she won 5,000 yen’s worth of tokens…
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