Japanese students too want Apple computers

This survey from Ringrow, a computer and other electronics refurbishment company, looked at university students and computers.

I am far too old to have experienced any of this computer stuff at university, and my dissertation was prepared on a terminal in Tex and vi, if I remember correctly.

One interesting figure you might spot is that 7.7% use a smartphone and 21.9% a computer for lecture notes, leaving about two-thirds presumably taking notes on paper. I would have thought that a computer might be faster, but I don’t know if it a typing speed issue, kanji conversion bottleneck, using pen and paper makes it easier to remember, or if just that many lecturers ban computers as distractions. Or if you want to go all Japan Cultural Expert, is the sound of tapping on the keyboard rude? Any current students or lecturers out there with an insight? Previous surveys of the general population have indicated that there is about a 50:50 desktop to notebook split, so it isn’t just that everyone has a desktop, I don’t think.

Here’s some classic art brought up-to-date…

Blogging in Edo

Eye care supplement company finds smartphone users could use eye care supplements

This survey into smartphone use is not much more than a thinly-veiled advertisement for Fancl’s Sumaho Enkin, a blueberry-based supplement that allegedly helps eyes tired from too much smartphone use, but I think it is sufficiently interesting regardless.

I never touch my smartphone in bed (wife won’t allow it!) and I have to return home if I leave my smartphone, as it has my train ticket on it!

This turned up when I searched for Blueberry Eye:


Smartphone technical terms Japanese are still ignorant of

I’m back from a semi-enforced break, due to being busy moving house then losing my power adaptor for my laptop, with this ranking survey from goo Ranking looking at smartphone technical terms people can’t ask about due to, it seems, not wanting to appear so ignorant as to be still unfamiliar with the terms.

Note that most of the terms are English loan words, so there is also a language barrier for words like “flick” and “swipe” that might seem obvious to most of my readers.

I searched for “japan flick”, and this came up…

Use the ashstray, please

Almost all Japanese heard of Pokemon GO, 2 in 5 smartphone owners played it

Do you know what Pokemon GO is? graph of japanese statistics

With Pokemon GO taking the world by storm, I suppose it is no surprise that this survey from Mobile Marketing Data Labo into Pokemon GO usage found that it was just as popular over here.

I am not in the least bit interested in it, and I don’t understand what all the fuss is about amongst adults who really should know better than to be faffing about chasing beasties that are normally found in McDonalds Happy Meals. Grow up the lot of you, bah humbug.

Here instead is an erotic Pikachu:

Japan As I See It

Almost all high schoolers have mobiles, vast majority are smart

Is LINE needed on schoolchildren's phones? graph of japanese statisticsMobile Marketing Data (MMD) Labo recently conducted a survey into middle and high schoolers and mobile phones, although it was actually the mothers of said schoolkids who were interviewed.


Over the 7th and 8th of August 2015 627 mothers aged between 20 and 49 who had school children in either middle or high school completed a private internet-based questionnaire. No further demographics were provided.

I’m probably just a grumpy old man, but if no mobile phone was good enough for me, it’s good enough for kids today. Quite honestly, smartphone addiction, specifically getting lost in LINE, is a serious issue for kids in today’s society. Bah, humbug!

Cheap smartphone SIM card deals in Japan

How much per month is your cheap SIM card? graph of japanese statisticsMobile Marketing Data Labo recently looked at usage of cheap SIM card.


Over the 3rd and 4th of July 2015 1,064 users of cheap smartphone SIM cards completed a private internet-based questionnaire. However, no further demographic information was presented.

My two year contract is up in a couple of months, and I am almost definitely going to switch from my full-service but 5,000 yen per month plan to perhaps a 3GB data-only plan (no-one phones me!) with a public wi-fi add-on option and keep my current device, saving over 3,500 yen in the process, so even if my phone dies within a year, I’ll be able to buy a new one with the savings.

Cheap smartphone SIM user satisfaction

Overall, how satisfied are you with your cheap SIM? graph of japanese statisticsMMD Labo recently published the results of their survey into user satisfaction with cheap smartphone SIMs.


Between the 21th of April and the 7th of May 2015 1,250 users of cheap smartphone SIMs completed a private internet-based questionnaire. The only other demographics offered were that there were 250 users of each of the five leading brands, OCN Mobile One, IIJ mio, BIGLOBE LTE 3G, Rakuten Mobile and b-mobile.

I currently have a standard, expensive SIM (around 5,000 yen even with various family discounts), but in Autumn my two-year contract is up, so I am very tempted to go for one of these cheap cards, especially as I make almost no phone calls; under 2,000 yen per month seems very possible. I’ll keep my existing phone, a Sharp SH-04F, as it’s still in good shape and I don’t see any new features in the last two years that make me want to upgrade.

Taxi apps in Japan

Have you used a smartphone taxi hailing apps? graph of japanese statistics

I’m back, hopefully getting back into a regular multiple-posts-per-week schedule, with this look at taxi hailing apps.


Between the 28th of March and the 2nd of April 2014 1,071 members of the goo Research monitor group completed a private internet-based questionnaire. 53.6% of the sample were male, 13.6% in their teens, 15.7% in their twenties, 21.5% in their thirties, 17.2% in their forties, 14.9% in their fifties, and 17.1% aged sixty or older.

Most of Japan’s taxi apps are official ones from taxi companies; a service like Uber does not exist in Japan, and I don’t think it would work here. As I understand it, taxi companies in America often do not come when called, so Uber, even though it apparently more expensive than a regular taxi, fills a niche. In Japan, there are if anything too many taxis, so failing to appear is never a problem.

Smartphone map and schedule usage

Which iPhone map app do you use the most? graph of japanese statisticsMobile Marketing Data Laboratories recently conducted a pair of parallel surveys into smartphone map app usage and smartphone schedule app usage.


Both surveys were conducted between the 18th and 21st of December 2013. The map survey had 556 respondents, and the schedule one 560. All the respondents were pre-screened as smartphone users, and for the map survey 232 people, or 41.7% were iPhone users, and the remaining 324 people (58.3%) were Android users. No further demographic information was provided.

I don’t use maps on my private phone, and my wife serves as my calendar! She has both a smartphone and a standard feature phone, but she manages her schedule on the feature phone only, mainly because the battery life is better and it can do things like switch itself on when alarms ring.

Puzzles by far Japan’s most popular smartphone game genre

What smartphone game genre did you play the most in 2013? graph of japanese statisticsJust before the New Year Mobile Marketing Data Laboratory published a survey of the actual use of smartphone apps in 2013, with this report focusing on the questions regarding game app usage; other questions were regarding social network apps and what genres of apps people stopped using. I hope they later release that data also.


Between the 18th and 21st of December 2013 560 members of the MMD Labo monitor group completed a private internet-based questionnaire. All the sample were 20 years old or more, and all had smartphones.

I reckon my most-used genre is games, and Candy Crush Saga in particular. SNS, Google+ specifically, comes a close second, however.

All the game links below lead to the Android version, if there is one. Only two titles appear to be iPhone only.