Older Japanese more likely to have dated foreigners


Here is a new-to-me survey company, Qzoo, who conducted a survey on behalf of Sirabee into dating foreigners.

It’s just a single question survey, but the figures were interesting to me, and hopefully to my readers too. However, there is a huge question; why have just one or two percent of those in their thirties dated a foreigner? The foreigner population is round about 2%, so by random choice, if was just a single partner that people had, it would be correct, but with multiple partners, plus given the stereotype that many younger single Japanese have never had a date, the ratio of foreigners in the dating pool may be higher than the raw 2%.

By area of residence, the survey pointed out that the third-most popular tourist spot for foreigners is Disneyland and Disney Sea in Chiba, but it would seem that Mickey is more attractive than the opposite sex.

Here’s a foreigner with his Japanese wife pouring him a beer – wish I could train mine like that!

Foreigner with Japanese woman, okimoni by Tomoyuki, also called Ogura Kikutei, 1800s, ivory - Robert Hewson Pruyn collection - Albany Institute of History and Art - DSC08310
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