Stuff guys didn’t want to learn about women’s public baths


goo Ranking recently took a look at what turns men off about women’s public baths; for men it was which actually did put them off, for women what they presumed men didn’t really want to know.

Actually, I’m surprised that there’s no answer regarding foreigners in some way! Thinking about it, foreigners often complain about being stared at in public baths, but perhaps we shouldn’t worry excessively as the Japanese are also staring at their fellows.

For me, the most unattractive on the list would be hair strewn all over the sinks. I have to tidy up after my wife washes her hair in the bathroom, and that’s off-putting enough, so multiply that by how many ever hundred of customers…

Here’s a typical sento, a public bath distinct from an onsens, hot springs, as the water is ordinary heated water, not naturally geothermally heated.

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What goes on in a women’s public bath?

goo Ranking decided to figuratively peek behind the curtain in women’s sento, Japanese public baths, to see what sort of things tend to happen in the bathing area.


The survey was conducted from the 21st to the 23rd of November 2013, and 1,054 people completed a private web-based questionnaire. Note that the score in the results refers to the relative number of votes for each option, not a percentage of the total sample. This question was obviously only for the women in the sample.

Here is a typical sento bathhouse entrance:

Obviously, I’m not qualified to comment on my experiences related to this survey, although I will note that the only positive answer is number seven; I assume that getting chatted to by grannies might or might not be a positive experience, depending on the person.
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