Three in four nine-year-old Japanese still believe in Santa


Merry Christmas to all my readers! Here’s a very short extract from a seasonal survey into Christmas 2017 by the largest site in Japan for tripping with children, Iko-yo.

I think there is a bit of wishful thinking by parents overlooking the possibility that their kids “believe” in Santa in order to avoid the presents coming.

Today as I passed through a train station over 10 Santas of both sexes came through the ticket gates. Why, I know not. Photo, I have not.

Much Santa
Such Merry

Osaka Great Santa Run 2013
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Santa exists! taught to 7 in 8 Japanese kids

Did you get Christmas presents when you were a child? graph of japanese statisticsBah humbug! To get you into the Christmas spirit, or to give you something to grumble about this festive season, according to a survey from iShare into Santa Claus many (far too many!) Japanese teach their kids about Santa.


Between the 3rd and 8th of December 2009 541 members of the CLUB BBQ free email forwarding service completed a private internet-based questionnaire. 58.6% of the sample were male, 31.6% in their twenties, 31.4% in their thirties, and 37.0% in their forties.

Regarding Q3SQ1, I think I became aware due to a combination of playground talk and discovering Santa’s present stash hidden in a cupboard. I wouldn’t want to teach my kids about Santa and would probably try to combine the event with the existing Japanese tradition of Otoshi-dama, presents of cash at the New Year. I’m not sure about Q3SQ2 – do Japanese parents regularly dress up to hand out the gifts to kids? My parents always sneaked in when we were asleep, and I always imagined that was standard behaviour.

I’ll be out myself for an evening on both Christmas Eve and Christmas Day after work, but we’ll be trying to avoid the Christmas menus! My wife’s off to the dentist, in fact, this Christmas Day!
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