Clothes washing and ironing in Japan


I discovered this survey following some Japan visitor mentioning that everyone seemed neatly turned out, but retorted that ironing seems infrequent, and most of the well-ironed clothes are likely from the dry cleaner’s. So I did a quick Google search for data to back up my supposition, and found this survey from Sankei Living and P&G into clothes washing and ironing.

The survey also mentioned that in 2016 people did on average 6.4 washes per week, down from 8.6 in 2011, but in the same period the weight of clothes per load increased from 2.6 kg to 3.1 kg per load, so a weekly total of 22.4 kg in 2011 to 19.8 kg in 2016.

We do a washing every day, but my wife never irons, and I do a couple of shirts and a pair of trousers once every week. My mother always ironed, right down to socks and underpants, though.

Here’s a typical washing day scene in a Japanese flat:

Cleaning time in my place !
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Working women and drinking at home

How often do you drink at home? graph of japanese statisticsThe publishing company Sankei Living recently conducted a survey into drinking habits of working women.


During January 2015 701 female members of the City Living email newsletter members completed a private internet-based questionnaire. 5.6% of the sample were in their twenties, 35.9% in their thirties, 45.8% in their forties, and 12.7% in their fifties. 25.1% were employed full-time in positions on a promotion track, 48.8% in ordinary full-time positions, 7.6% contract employees, 9.0% dispatch workers, and 9.6% in part-time or short-term employment. Furthermore, 25.0% lived by themselves, 29.2% were single and living with their parents, 23.1% DINKS, Dual Income No Kids, 16.1% with children, and 6.6% other.

That’s quite a lot of drinking, and more worrying, the number who drink on their own is quite significant. Fortunately, at worst there was just three people having beer for breakfast or a swift one at the office.

For myself, I have drunk exactly one can of beer at home since I moved to Tokyo, and before that I averaged about one or two a year.
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