Hawaii and the Antipodes top retiral dreams for Japanese


Many Japanese hold the dream of retiring overseas (or do they? I must look up data!), so goo Ranking decided to investigate this issue by asking an unspecificed number of the goo Research online monitor group of unspecified ages if they were to retire and move overseas, which country or area would they most like to live in. The fieldwork for this research was conducted on the 22nd and 23rd of May 2007.

Perhaps connected to this, wifey has recently applied to Hilton Grand Vacations Club for us to go along and attend a 90 minute seminar on timeshares in Hawaii in return for 10,000 yen’s worth of food coupons. They are running the seminars every weekend at Tokyo and Osaka, so if you’re particularly bored this summer and don’t mind enduring some hard sell, why not go along and get free cash off them?

If I were to do so, going back to Blighty would seem like the obvious choice, but if we exclude there, New Zealand is the most attractive location, a bit like Scotland only with slightly better weather.

(I’ve just checked my dictionary, and the Antipodes is a rather UK-centric term for Australia and New Zealand)
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