Japanese pet names: popular bird, rabbit and ferret names


Ouchie :(I’m sure there must be someone out there interested in this ranking survey from Anicom, a major pet insurance company, into the most popular names for birds, rabbits and ferrets. This survey was conducted on the 31st of March last year (2012) by looking at the pet names registered on pet insurance contracts. The names of 480 birds, 2,573 rabbits, and 1,900 ferrets were collected. If there is an appropriate English meaning for the names, I will put it in brackets after the Japanese pet name

By the way, I searched Flickr for Creative Common-licenced “rabbit injury” photos, and you can see what came up!

Popular Japanese bird names

First equal, with 2.5% of the vote, were Sora (sky) and Pii. Third was Hana (flower) at 2.1%, fourth equal were Sakura (cherry blossom), Piiko, Pippi, Momo (peach, or if it were a chicken, perhaps thigh…) and Lemon on 1.3%, and ninth equal were Koko, Nana and Hina (chick), at 1.0%. Note that Pii and its variants are Japanese onomatopoeic bird calls.

For boy birds, Sora was top at 2.7%, then Popo second at 2.2%, and third equal at 1.6% were Hana, Pippi, Pipi and Maro.

For girl birds, Hana and Pii were top equal with 3.2%, Lemon second with 2.6%, and third equal were Koko, Sora and Nana.

Popular Japanese rabbit names

First was Maron (chestnut) with 1.5%, second Momo (peach) with 1.2%, third Moko with 1.1%, fourth equal Choko (chocolate) and Mimi (ear) at 1.0%, sixth equal were Uu, Hana (flower), Moka (mocha perhaps), and Sora (sky) at 0.9%, and tenth was Koko at 0.8%. For rabbits, brown-related names seem quite popular.

For boy rabbits, Maron was top with 1.2%, Moka second with 1.0%, Sora third at 0.9%, Kotaro fourth at 08%, and Rabi fifth at 0.7%.

For girl rabbits, Momo was top with 1.7%, second equal were Hana and Mimi at 1.4%, and fourth equal Hime (princess) and Maron at 1.2%.

Popular Japanese ferret names

The top ferret name was Momo (peach) at 1.3%, second was Choko at 1.1%, Kuu third at 1.0%, Ten fourth at 0.9%, fifth equal were Moka (mocha), Kotaro and Sakura (cherry blossom) at 0.8% and eighth equal were Kokoa (cocoa), Sora (sky) and Hime (princess) at 0.7%

For boy ferrets, first was Kotaro at 1.3%, second Ten at 1.1%, third Kuu at 1.0% and fourth equal Kai, Sora and Ponta at 0.9%

For girl ferrets, Momo was first with 1.8%, second was Hime at 1.4%, third equal were Choko (chocolate) and Rin at 1.3% and fifth equal were Sakura and Hana (flower) at 1.2%.

I hope you all feel suitably enlightened now!

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