One in five Japanese have recently used a launderette


With the rainy season starting, and given that drying clothes on one’s balcony is common, but washing machines with drier functions are relatively rare, this seems an ideal time to ask about usage of launderettes, in a survey conducted by Orange Page, a recipe magazine aimed at housewives in their thirties and forties.

I’ve not been to a launderette per se, but a couple of months ago in a hotel I used their laundry corner, where they had what looked like souped-up domestic Sharp machines that not just both washed and dried but also automatically added powder and softener.

Here’s a rather grim-looking launderette:

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Oral care much more of an issue these days

A popular stereotype of the Japanese is wonky teeth, which whilst there is a lot of truth to it, the awareness of good oral health has improved in not just my opinion, but in the opinion of the Orange Page’s monitor group, according to the results of this survey into oral care. This survey was conducted in conjunction with Philips

I’ve finally started using an inter-dental brush for bits of food that get stuck; I cannot floss as I don’t like touching my teeth with my hands, and indeed the dental hygienist flossing for me is more stressful than the drill! I used to use an electric brush, but I never really enjoyed it, and gave up once the battery stopped holding its recharge.

Here’s a polite Japanese toothbrush found probably in a hotel’s amenity set:

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