Rice or naan?


Thinking about it, I haven’t been to an Indian for ages, and I’m getting all hungry translating this survey into naan awareness.

I’m naan all the way, especially as in Japan long-grain rice is a bit of a rarity, and Japanese native short-grain rice does not go well at all with Indian curry. Japan’s native “curry”, usually just a spicy stew, does work well with native rice, but even though I quite often eat it at home, I wouldn’t pay good money to a restaurant for it.

Here’s a random curry and naan from a random restaurant in Tokyo; although at first glance the photo could be from anywhere in the world, the wet towel, the bill on the table, and the gum syrup for the ice coffee, perhaps, in the metal tumbler all point to Japan:

Dal Curry + Cheese naan @ Shanti @ Komagome
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