If the world ends tomorrow, what do you want to know today?


Rather oddly, this quickie survey by Mynavi News into what people would want to know if the world were ending tomorrow, found almost half the sample were interested in merely what would be their last supper.

For me, I certainly wouldn’t be wasting time going home for dinner; I would be choosing my own! I’m not sure what secrets of the pyramids people are interested in; the main pyramids seem to have a lot of hidden tunnels, but every investigation of them turns out to be a damp squib, and I am certain there is no supernatural aspect to them, which I think is what that question is getting at.

I’m not sure how to illustrate the end of the world, so instead let’s listen to it; the Japanese band “Sekai no Owari” translates literally to “End of the World”, so here’s a recent single that what also the theme song for Mary and the Witch’s Flower:

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Old folk, incontinence, and pet dogs

In my quest to find novel topics to present, I give you this survey from MyNavi News into old folks’ worries about incontinence, and pet dogs. Incontinent doggies is a topic for another survey… Note that I use “pet” as that what was in the survey, but it seems to have been dog owners only.

You might remember the news from a couple of years back when it was announced that adult nappies outsold children’s ones for the first time. This survey, though, ignores that matter and focuses on dogs.

The results for non-dog owners in Q7 seems overly pessimistic, although the answers might, I hope, have been cherry-picked to show only categories that has a big positive dog-owning effect.

Here’s a dog in a nappy, but from Hong Kong, it would seem.

baby dog
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