Microblogging in Japan


Have you seen or heard about microblogging services? graph of japanese statisticsA curious set of results were produced by this recent survey by goo Research, reported on by japan.internet.com, into microblogging. Although (or should that be ‘because’) the report did not define what a microblog was, under 8% reported having used or read one, yet just over 20% reported having been Twitter users, yet Twitter was the very first microblog.


Between the 13th and 17th of September 2010 1,079 members of the goo Research online monitor group completed a private internet-based questionnaire. 52.7% of the sample were male, 16.4% in their teens, 18.5% in their twenties, 21.0% in their thirties, 16.0% in their forties, 15.8% in their fifties, and 12.2% aged sixty or older.

However, there are other microblogs that are more like real blogs but with a text limit and without the social features of Twitter, but I cannot name any offhand! I’m sure there’s a WordPress plugin, though, to turn your blog into a Twitter for one. A quick Google finds these two for starters.

Regarding Q2SQ, I’ve updated my status line on Facebook exactly once.
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