Nine in ten Japanese have drunk local wine, fruitiness main draw


Have you ever drunk Japanese wine? graph of japanese statisticsA recent survey from the brewer Kirin and their subsiduary the wine maker Mercian looked at Japanese wine consumption.

Before reading this survey, I was under the impression that most Japanese wine was made on an industrial scale with imported grapes, and that even Mercian was one of these fake wines, and any local wines was very niche and difficult to get hold of. I’ve now had my interest piqued, so I’ll maybe hunt some out. However, the only wine I drink is Saizeriya’s 100 yen gut-rot special (interestingly, they are the largest importer of Italian wine, it seems!) and whatever wine ends up on the all-you-can-drink menu at work booze-ups.

Here’s a random bottle of Japanese wine:

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