Losing and breaking external memory

Photograph of broken SD card

I’ve never had any external memory die or get lost, but this recent survey from goo Research and reported on by japan.internet.com showed that between one in five and one in six Japanese had suffered such problems with external memory.


Between the 12th and 14 of August 2009 1,085 members of the goo Research monitor group completed a private internet-based questionnaire. 52.8% of the sample were male, 16.8% in their teens, 16.6% in their twenties, 21.1% in their thirties, 17.7% in their forties, 15.7% in their fifties, and 12.2% aged sixty or older.

Due to the lack of a suitable graph, I’ve instead used a picture from yoppy on flickr.

USB memory usage in Japan

Do you have any USB memory? graph of japanese statisticsI’m more of an SD card person myself, so I’ve never actually owned a USB thumb device, but this recent survey repotred on by japan.internet.com and conducted by goo Research into said USB memory found that I am very much in the minority in Japan.


Between the 25th of February and the 3rd of March 2009 1,075 members of the goo Research monitor group completed a private internet-based questionnaire. 53.0% of the sample were male, 16.3% in their teens, 18.3% in their twenties, 21.4% in their thirties, 16.3% in their forties, 15.8% in their fifties, and 11.9% aged sixty or older.

Talking of USB memory, if you have more than you can plug into your PC at one time, Strapya has a R2D2 and Darth Vader USB hub!

I read last month about an interesting (for “interesting” read “useless”) USB memory-centred security system for PCs from NTT; they encrypt the hard drive, then select random parts of the encrypted files to write out to USB memory, the theory being that the PC without the USB memory or vice versa is useless. However, I cannot actually think of valid threats that this defends against, unless the memory dongle has a wired or wireless tether, and if there’s a tether you don’t need the writing to USB memory, and all it does is introduce another point of failure, especially as a detached USB drive is easy to lose.

I can guess that it’s patented, as sadly that seems the major driver behind many developments at my employer at least.

1 gigabyte memory cards now the norm for keitai

How many mobile phone memory cards do you have? graph of japanese statisticsWith almost all new cellphones now having a memory card slot with media costs dropping drastically, and listening to music on phones becoming more popular, here’s an interesting survey reported on by japan.internet.com and conducted by JR Tokai Express Research Inc into the topic of cellphone memory card usage.


On the 13th of February 2008 330 members of the JR Tokai Express Research online monitor group employed in either the private or public sector completed a private internet-based questionnaire. 83.9% of the sample was male, 10.9% in their twenties, 38.5% in their thirties, 39.4% in their forties, 8.8% in their fifties, and 2.4% in their sixties.

A year and a half ago (summer 2006) a similar question was asked, and at that time 128 MB was the most popular size, so that’s a quite impressive factor of 8 larger.