April’s Japan Blog Matsuri


Japan Blog Matsuri

It’s my turn at the controls, and after an entertaining Fast Times in Japan hosted by freedomvw/THEGHOST. As a few people perhaps had trouble thinking about what to write, let’s try the opposite in April:

Slow Times in Japan

How do you kick back and relax? A favourite hiking spot, a quiet bar, bonsai? For those of you not in Japan, choose something Japan-related. Submit stories through the widget below or email me directly.

Just to spread the link love, here’s the entries from March again:

Billy at Tune In Tokyo offers up a interesting tale of being mistaken for trying to smuggle a little pot into the land of the raising sun.

Shane at The Nihon Sun shares a slightly painful experience of trying to talk a Japanese taxi driver into stopping at the right place.

Loco at Loco In Yokohama reveals an experience on the train involving some dirty pervert and a school girl.

McAlpine from the Soul of Japan shares with us all his love of being a bully to just about anyone. Even if they did nothing to him at all.

Nick over at the long countdown offers up a collection of off beat experiences he has had over the years in Japan.

John Turningpin at Mad Tokyo shares the oddity of a night out on the bar scene.

Kanmuri from Turning Iwatean had the pleasure of being asked Does this ramen have human flesh in it?

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