90% of Japanese like beer


How do you find beer? graph of japanese statisticsKyodo Press Agency recently conducted a survey about, and simply titled, beer.


Between the 16th and 18th of January 2016 1,000 people from all over Japan aged between 20 and 69 years old completed an internet-based questionnaire. There was no information about how the sample was gathered, or even if non-beer drinkers were filtered out or not, but it does seem odd that in Q1 there is no “Don’t drink alcohol” option. It might be safe to assume that only beer drinkers were surveyed, though.

Happoshu is a (not very) beer-like substance, made, I suspect, by basically adding alcohol to fizzy hop tea. Third-sector beer is brewed from non-traditional ingredients like beans. Both non-beer types recently tend towards “healthy” labels of zero or low purine, sugars, preservatives, etc. Personally, I find the no or low-sugar non-beers quite good for weeknight drinking, as they leave less of a heavy stomach behind the next morning, and some are even quite passable, and certainly beat beer in the cost-performance stakes, as due to tax anomalies they are half the price of real beer.
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