Kobe Cake Festa tasting session


Yesterday I had the pleasure of attending a tasting session and blogger face-to-face meeting at Genius Cafe to try out some cakes for the upcoming Kobe Sweets Festa 2009 from the 1st to 6th of May 2009 on the 8th and 9th floors of Daimaru Motomachi.


Mmm, doughtnuts! The theme for this year is doughnuts; the usual association is with cheap efforts from Mister Donuts or the enormous queues for Krispy Kremes, so here they are trying something different by asking cake shops to come up with their own high-end doughnuts. In the picture, the nearest one was Baumkuchen, next was a not overpoweringly sugared apple honey, then mocha chocolate, and strawberry.

Ahh, lots more to write, but I’ll save it up for a forthcoming guest blog spot on Nihon Sun. By the way, see if you can spot me in this series of pictures. To spread the link love, at the event I sat beside the King of Noodles and Bu-ko Hankyu Railway virtual stationmaster.

All my photos from the event may be found here on flickr.

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Blog Matsuri reminder, and my own Slow Time

Nick posted a reminder about the upcoming deadline, Wednesday the 22th, for April’s Blog Matsuri, so I thought I’d add my own reminder too. As he points out, I have over 2,500 subscribers and about 800 to 1,000 daily readers through my RSS feed, so if you want some free publicity, get your stories in soon! Thanks for the number of interesting submissions so far, and I’m looking forward to many more.

Also, just to toot my own horn and to leave a trackback with them, as mentioned last weekend I applied to attend the blogger tasting session for the Kobe Sweets Festa 2009 and fortunately I got selected, or I’ll be writing up about my own Slow Time there on Nihon Sun.

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Kobe Sweets Festa 2009

Please indulge my off-topicness for a minute or two as I talk about the Kobe Sweets Festa 2009, an annual cake fair in Kobe.

Their Kobe Sweets blog (Japanese only) introduces many of the patisseries that will be exhibiting their wares at the Festa, to be held on the 8th and 9th floors of Daimaru Motomachi between the 1st and 6th of May 2009. Koeb has a lot of very, very good cake shops, so be sure to find some time during Golden Week to pop down for a cup of tea and cake.

Next Satuday they are having a tasting session, so they need to borrow a few bloggers’ stomachs for the task, so I’d like to put my name forward as willing to stuff my gob full of cake for the benefit of my readers. It’s just one of these hardships I have to put myself though to keep my readers entertained.

I’ve had a wee word with Shane at Nihon Sun, and she would be happy to host me as a guest blogger talking about the event, introducing Kobe Sweets Festa to the English-speaking world.

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