Computers make Japanese men bald!


Baldies, how long do you spend per day on a computer? graph of japanese statisticsThe JHMA, Japan HeadTherapy Master Association, performed a scalp and hair condition investigation and awareness survey, and the results of these were published by


59 men with thinning hair and 58 men without thinning hair were selected by some means for a professional examination of their scalp and hair condition, and also to answer some questions regarding hair care.

Despite my headline, it would be rash, of course, to simply conclude that since people with thinning hair spend longer on average per day on a computer, it is the computer use that is making them that way. It could just as easily be more stress from a longer work day, worse eating habits due to a long work day, snacking in front of the computer, missing out on sleep, or a hundred and one other possible causes that one could come up with.

Furthermore, I didn’t know that massaging conditioner all the way in was bad! I’ll have to fix that from tonight
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