Majority of iPhone users plan to upgrade to iPhone5


iPhone users, do you plan to buy the iPhone5? graph of japanese statisticsMacromill Research recently published a survey into Apple’s iPhone5, concentrating on existing iPhone users, but also featuring additional numbers from non-iPhone users who were thinking about buying said iPhone5.


Over the 11th and 12th of October 2012 500 iPhone-using members of the Macromill monitor group completed a private internet-based questionnaire. 57.6% of the sample were male and 42.4% were female, and rather than age groups, their history of iPhone use was given. 45.2% had used an iPhone for less than a year, 25.4% had used one for over a year but less than two, and 29.4% had used one for two years or more. In addition, another 196 non-iPhone users who were looking at buying the iPhone5 also completed a similar internet-based questionnaire over the same period.

There’s quite stunning loyalty figures in many of the tables below! For me the biggest eye-opener was the older iPhones having one in five satisfied, yet not one single Android user reported being so.
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