Just one in seven Japanese use paid-for internet video streaming services

This report from ICT Research and Consulting has figures I’ve been wanting to see, taking a look at the use of internet video delivery services.

As a comparison, in the USA 58% of all households have some paid-for service, with the top service being Netflix, with 50% of US households having a subscription.

I don’t have any (and only rarely watch YouTube) and quite frankly I don’t think I could find either the time or energy to watch anything, and I don’t feel my life is in any way empty by not having watched Game of Thrones!

3.5% already reserved an Apple Watch

Which model of Apple Watch do you want, have reserved? graph of japanese statisticsICT Research and Consulting recently conducted a survey into Apple Watch buying intentions and found a reasonable number already interested in buying one.


Over the 13th and 14th of April 2015 550 people aged from 20 years old completed a web-based questionnaire. No information was given on how the sample was collected, so it is a bit difficult to extrapolate these numbers.

I’m no Apple fan, and I’ve got almost zero interest in any sort of smart wrist device. My mobile phone works as a pedometer, and I cannot think of other features that I’d want. The health benefits of such devices is yet to be proven, and perhaps they might even make you more unhealthy by either giving you a false sense of security or inducing hypochondria.