White Day gifts that make you run a mile


Today is White Day in Japan, a second chance for chocolate makers to sell overpriced gifts; Valentine’s Day in Japan is for women to give gifts to men, so White Day is the day men are expected to return the favour. Thus this survey from goo Ranking looking at what gifts from men would make women run a mile. Furthermore, just to keep the balance, I’ll also present what items their girlfriends pulling from their bag would make men run a mile in the opposite direction.

My White Day gift was a bit of a disaster this year – I had a brush with the ‘flu over the weekend, and today it was pouring down, so I was in no mood for going shopping, so it was just a quick choice of a couple of cakes from a shop on the way home.

Here’s some nice chocolates to celebrate what’s left of the day!

swiss chocolate adapted to japanese habits (27 of 124)
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What’s in the average Japanese’s bag?

I found this entertaining survey performed by the rather strangely named “Almost Daily ITOI Newspaper” (HOBO NIKKAN ITOI SHINBUN) on what people usually carry in their bags. The demographics are not very well defined, but over a period of five days perhaps sometime last month, around 40,000 people answered a questionnaire (web based?) with around 25,000 valid replies received. Within that sample there is significant number who don’t carry bags. Neither the sex nor age breakdown is noted.

The survey results listed the top 60 answers (including sketches of each item, for those who can’t read Japanese but want to see the full list) with a short paragraph about each result written in an extremely casual chatty style, almost like blank verse. For the sake of brevity, I’ll skip many of the lower ranked items.
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