Venezuelan Beaver cheese conspicuous by its absence

In my never-ending quest to bring you the finest in studies of Japanese consumer habits, I present the latest goo Ranking survey on cheese for your edification. As usual for these rankings, the scoring is expressed as percentages; the finest fermented curd scores 100 points, and all other cheesy comestibles score according to the ratio of their votes to the number one.

Some trivia: apparently cheese (when first introduced to Japan anyway) smelt as bad to the Japanese as natto does to us Westerners. Most cheese sold in Japan is made in Japan, and whilst I can understand it in cheddar’s case, Hokkaido mozzarella still seems rather strange to me. The chance of any cheese purchased in Japanese tasting anything like Western-produced cheese is rather remote, bar the plastic processed cheese slices that are equally revolting the world over!

Just in case you are confused by some of the language I am using, perhaps this page will serve as a hint.

Altocumulus? Cumulus congestus? Contrail? Cirrocumulus?

If you thought yesterday’s survey was a strange thing to ask about, here’s an even odder one – goo Ranking on one’s favourite cloud. As usual for goo Rankings, there is no demographic information, and the top-scoring costume gets 100 points and all the rest get rates as a percentage of the top rank. This survey was also conducted over a three day period towards the end of September.

Just in case you’re not familiar with the term contrails, it means the condensation trail left behind jet aircrafts, but is also the source of many chemtrail conspiracy theories (warning – secure tinfoil hat before clicking link).

In addition, the auspicious clouds answer includes, I believe, the popular Japanese folk belief that earthquakes are preceded by very red clouds at sunset.

Living in Japan, one would, however, get the impression that the favourite clouds are from the fog of cigarette smoke. My personal favourite is my tag cloud.

Pirates and princesses – Japan’s secret cosplay desires

goo Ranking published today the results of one of their ranking surveys into what costumes people would like to try on in private, for both men and women. As usual for goo Rankings, there is no demographic information, and the top-scoring costume gets 100 points and all the rest get rates as a percentage of the top rank. Both surveys were conducted over a three day period towards the end of September.

Note that for some of the costumes it does not specify if it is male or female, such as for the women selecting Harry Potter; whether it is Harry himself they want to dress up as or as Hermione is not clear. However, I feel it is safe to assume that cross-dressing in private is a popular desire.

I’ve also linked a few of the costumes to work-safe material, so don’t worry too much about clicking on the links.

Finally, despite evidence to the contrary, dressing up in a kilt (outside of schoolgirl uniforms, perhaps) was not popular.

Shinto two and a half times luckier than Buddhism or Feng Shui

Following on from yesterday’s post showing us that the best way of getting rich quick is the lottery, here’s a survey from goo Ranking about where people keep their lottery tickets. As usual for these ranking surveys, there is no demographic information and the rank for each choice is expressed as a percentage of the votes for the top answer. The survey was conducted towards the end of August.

Don’t ask me why people put their tickets in the fridge, but if anyone else knows, please leave me a message.

Mayonnaise and…

goo Ranking did another silly wee opinion survey recently, this one looking at what were unusual but tasty mayonnaise combinations. As usual, no demographics, and scores are expressed as percentages of the top votes-getter.

Kewpie mayonnaise is my favourite mayonnaise, not that I like the taste much, nor that I put it on anything other than salad, but their adverts are wonderful!

More Kewpie adverts may be found on YouTube by following this link.

Note that Mari’s Diary beat me to the punch on this one, and Japan Probe has a wee bit more about Kewpie, and tarako in particular.

Mmmmm, foreign beer

Back in May goo Ranking published the results of one of their quick web polls into people’s favourite foreign beer. As usual for goo Ranking, no demographic information is available, and the score for each beer is the percentage of the votes it received compared to the number one choice.

Sadly, but not really unexpected, Budweiser (not the real Budvar, sadly) scooped number one slot. However, many of the beers voted for are, I would guess, local beers brewed under licence. I’ve had “Indian” Kingfisher lager that was imported to Japan from the UK, and in Los Angeles I once had Asahi Super Dry with “IMPORTED” boldly stamped on the label, only to find the small print indicating it had come from Canada.

A few quick digital camera ranking surveys

Last month goo Ranking published three surveys regarding digital cameras; what would you first shoot with a new digital camera, what is the most important point when selecting a digital camera, and finally what colour would you want the digital camera body to be.

As always, these rankings should be taken with a pinch of salt due to the lack of demographics and the open nature of the poll. Remember that the score listed is the percentage of votes for each choice relative to the top choice.

It’s official, nobody loves me

goo Ranking recently looked at who is Japan’s favourite Ken. Unless you are some sort of expert on the Japanese entertainment scene, I’m sure most of these names will mean nothing to you, so feel free to look them up on Google. However, I cannot understand how they came to omit me from the rankings. I’m shocked and heartbroken!

I’ve never tried this before, so here’s a good excuse to include a YouTube video of my favourite Japanese Ken, the macho samurai warrior Matsuken Samba.


Koizumi’s legacy is Yasukuni rather than reforms?

goo Ranking released the results of their latest ranking questionnaire, conducted over two days towards the end of August. An unspecified number of goo users replied to the question of what is your lasting impression of the Junichiro Koizumi premiership.

This departs from the usual fluff of these ranking surveys, but I cannot give any guarantee about how accurately the figures reflect true public opinion. As always, the score for each option is the percentage of the votes for the top answer. I’m impressed by Jun-chan’s Elvis impressions making ninth on the list, but disappointed that him dancing with his doppelganger Richard Gere didn’t get anywhere!

Additionally, I suspect that anything directly related to him backing Horiemon’s election campaigning was disallowed due to the ongoing court case.