Ghibli movies that ought to have sequels


About the only Japanese animations I can relate to are the productions from Ghibli Studios, so I was pleased to find this survey from goo Ranking looking at which Ghibli movies people would like to see a sequel to.

Coincidentally, on Friday I watched Kiki’s Delivery Service on TV, so given the ending there, a sequel would be an obvious move. On the other hand, in number 11, Grave of the Fireflies, both the two main characters die of starvation-related causes at the end of World War II, so I cannot see how there could be a sequel.

Here’s Kiki and her pet cat, Gigi:

Gigi & Kiki
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Gake no Ue no Ponyo web site user profiling

Ponyo on the Cliff by the Sea was the sweetest film I’ve seen since My Neighbour Totoro, and over 8 million Japanese seem to agree with that sentiment. The official Ponyo site itself has racked up just under a million visitors, 995,000 to be precise, (low in my view) from home computers in July, the highest ever figures for the film maker Ghibli’s properties, with the main ages of the visitors being 34% in their thirties and 29% in their forties. By sex, 57% were female. Previous records were 701,000 in November of 2004 for Howl’s Moving Castle, and 444,000 in July of 2006 for Tales of Earthsea.

For all of the Ghibili sites visitors jumped from 114,000 in June to 1,123,000 in July.

For box office sales, number one for the first half of the year was 相棒, aibou, with 311,000 predominantly male viewers in May alone, with over half of the total being over forty years old. In July, the top movie was Hana Yori Dango (Boys before Flowers) with 576,000 ticket sales, 85% of them to females, and 38% of the viewers 19 years old or younger.

Story from the Japanese original on IT Media.

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