Summer holiday outings


My summer holidays in Japan ends this weekend, but if you’ve still got some time, here is a survey from @nifty into summer travel that might give you some ideas for what to do.

My summer holidays have amounted to going to the cinema, and this weekend I have an appointment at the dentist…

I’ve not seen any fireworks in the Tokyo region, but I’ve viewed the top three in the West Japan list. I’ve also been to all the five listed West Japan World Heritage sites, but only one of the zoos, although many zoos in Japan are pretty depressing places with tiny cages for huge animals.

Now, pictures of the top (or close to top) locations in Q2 to Q6:

Sumida River Fireworks

Sumida river Fireworks

Naniwa Fireworks (no decent Tenjin photos to be found)


Kiyomizu Temple

Stage at Kiyomizu

Ueno Zoo

Ueno zoo, Tokyo, Japan

FujiQ Highland Haunted Hospital exit

[FujiQ Highlands]  Haunted Hospital
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A groundsheet, a fan and some beer for the perfect fireworks viewing

Do you plan to wear a yukata at the fireworks? graph of japanese statisticsI’ve rather given up on fireworks, as there are just too many people attending them these days so it never seems worth the hassle. Sadly, the numbers planning to attend fireworks this year was not reported, but a recent survey by goo Research conducted in conjunction with Metroguide magazine into fireworks displays came up with other interesting data.


Between the 7th and 8th of June 2007 1,092 members of goo Research’s internet monitor group completed a private internet-based questionnaire. All respondents lived in Tokyo or the surrounding three prefectures of Kanagawa, Saitama and Chiba. No sex or age breakdown was reported.

The first year we stayed in my previous flat we had a great view of the Takarazuka fireworks from our balcony, but then they build a tower block right in the way, and although we lived barely 500 metres away from the heart of the party, we never bothered watching or going out. From our new flat, if we stand on chairs on the balcony we can just see parts of the Inagawa fireworks, but other than that, we haven’t been to fireworks for ages, and I don’t feel we’re really missing much.
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