A slightly slow Easter survey

This short survey from Beenos looked at Easter.

I’ve never heard about (or just forgotten!) Easter sales back in the UK, and I was similarly blissfully unaware of anything like that in Japan. I agree that Easter isn’t making much traction in Japan; it seems like an excuse to just sell a few rabbit-themed cakes, nothing more.

I suppose Totoro does sort-of look like a very fat rabbit:

Happy Totoro Easter!

Easter in Japan

Japan’s largest recipe sharing site, CookPad, recently conducted a survey into Easter.

easter bunnies


Between the 17th and 20th of February 2015 2,599 people subscribed to the CookPad email newsletter completed a private internet-based questionnaire. 89% of the sample were female, 11% male, 2% were in their teens, 13% in their twenties, 31% in their thirties, 33% in their forties, and 21% aged fifty or older.

I’m quite suprised, indeed I find it difficult to believe that according to Q1SQ1 almost one in four know that Easter is the first Sunday after the first full moon after the Spring Equinox; I doubt if you’d get that high a figure even in a Christian country!

Suprisingly, chocolate Easter eggs are not a thing here, but around my local station, a cake shop is selling cute bunny and chick-themed petit fours, and an ice cream shop similarly-themed ice cream novelties.