YouTube Movies best-known video distribution service

The ex-goo Research, now known as NTTCom Research, recently conducted a survey into video distribution services


Between the 22nd and 24th of January 2015 1,018 members of the NTTCom Research monitor panel completed a private internet-based questionnaire. 53.6% of the sample were male, 13.7% in their teens, 15.4% in their twenties, 21.2% in their thirties, 17.5% in their forties, 14.7% in their fifties, and 17.5% aged sixty or older.

I think that the survey is a bit flawed as the survey seems specifically about legal distribution of commercial contents, such as with YouTube Movies, but I wonder how many people just assumed the survey was about YouTube itself; however perhaps there was more background explained to the survey respondents?

A couple of months ago I signed up for a free trial of J:COM On-Demand, but I just didn’t have any time to watch anything, so I just cancelled last night.