Two in five young Japanese women need a social detox


Have you ever felt that using SNS is bothersome? graph of japanese reported on a recent survey by Neo Marketing into the true feelings (honne) of SNS users and found rather a lot getting a bit tired of the social grind.


As with most non-goo Research surveys, the demographic information was lacking; 1,000 SNS users of both sexes between the ages of 20 and 49 completed a (presumably private) internet-based questionnaire at some unspecified date.

I keep my SNS usage to a minimum; indeed, my wife uses my Facebook account more than me, every day checking up on a few people to see what they are up to, whereas my usage is 99% automated reposts of this blog. I am more active on Google Plus, but as I find nothing wrong with just ignoring people (sorry, that’s just my character!) it never gets too burdensome.

Regarding Q3 and the dissatisfaction of getting requests from unknown people, I believe that when you sign up with Facebook and enter where you live, Facebook prompts you with a list of people nearby, so I occasionally get requests from Facebook newbies who live in the same town and probably think it would be cool to have a foreign friend. I, of course, just ignore them.

The article also had a quote from the head of a psychiartric clinic in Tokyo, saying that they are seeing a few patients having stress from work through SNS, which they have termed “social harrassment”. The doctor recommended taking a break from SNS now and again, and suggested avoiding it just before bedtime and/or Sundays.
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Detoxification of the Japanese

Are you interested in detox? graph of japanese opinionMyVoice surveyed their monitor community at the start of April this year to find out what they thought about detox. 15,145 members responded to the internet-based questionnaire; 46% of them were male, and 4% were in their teens, 22% in their twenties, 39% in their thirties, 24% in their forties, and 11% in their fifties.

The Japanese do seem to love their fad diets and other general health quackery. Germanium sticky pads do seem rather popular these days, replacing the rotating magnet as the most useless product heavily promoted on TV, although these neckbands of titanium are still heavily touted, and I saw an ad at the weekend suggesting that germanium ones are going to be big. I expect the Japan World Cup team to be sporting some of these wastes of cash in Germany next month.
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