Overseas travel and sleep disorder


This survey from DeNA Travel looked at overseas travel and sleep disorders. Note that this survey is about chronic sleep disruption; not just one late night, but a series of poor sleep experiences resulting in a build-up of tiredness.

On foreign trips I suffer hopelessly from lack of sleep, caused by probably everything in Q4… I’m not sure if there was some preselection of the sample, as the questions seem to suggest that it is business trips they are asking about, as having gone on a Japanese package tour, early starts and late finishes destroy any chance of getting even a semi-decent sleep to try to shake off the jet-lag.

Here’s someone in Japan getting enough sleep:

野毛山動物園のレッサーパンダのキンタちゃん♀ (This Red Panda Name is Kinta. She is Female Red Panda of Nogeyama Zoo.)
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