Stuff we all used to experience with CRT televisions


goo Ranking seems to be on a nostalgia trip recently, with tonight’s looking at things from the CRT television age that people can empathise with.

The survey consists of people under the age of 39, so I’m not convinved they would have experienced black and white. I’m also not sure what the distinctive sound when turning on was…

I’m also trying to remember what channel we used for our home computer – 37 comes to mind, but which push button we set it to escapes me. Channel 2 would of course have been set to BBC2, so it wasn’t that.

Here’s an old Panasonic television from 1983:

Vintage Panasonic Miniature Black And White Television With AM-FM Radio, Model TR-1020P, 1.5 Inch Diagonal Screen, Made In Japan, Manufacture Date August 1983
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