Majority of Japanese live with cockroaches


at home VOX recently had a look at that summer pest, cockroaches.

I hate the buggers myself, and my previous house was filled with them, and I suspect last summer one died somewhere behind the kitchen units and stunk the place out for a few months. I tend to run away on encountering them, and get my wife to do the business with a can of bug spray.

Here’s a selection of the various smoke bombs and other goods for ridding one’s house of cockroaches and other nasties:

Japan Insect Repellent
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Japanese chemical weapons stocks investigated

With the advent of summer heralding the cockroach season, now might be a good time to stock up on various chemicals ready to murder the poor blighters should they make an appearance. So, why not buy the weapons of mass destruction that have been recommended by the readers of goo Rankings when they voted on which commercial insecticide they use the most to kill cockroaches. The survey was conducted on the 19th and 20th of April 2007.

The Japanese for cockroach is ゴキブリ, gokiburi, just in case you are interested.
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