Consumers confused by looming next generation DVD standards war


Which type of player do you plan to buy? graph of japanese opinionAt the start of December published the results of an opinion poll conducted by goo Research into next generation DVD systems. 1,091 members of their monitor group successfully completed an internet-based questionnaire. 47.2% of the group was male, 21.2% in their twenties, 38.0% in their thirties, 28.1% in their forties, and 12.6% in their fifties.

I too am confused by the upcoming standards war, and have no particular urge to purchase either system, as almost all of the contents I currently watch is self-recorded video tapes, so I’ll probably end up getting whatever high-density DVD is fitted in the hard-disk recorder that I plan to buy sometime, although I suspect that standard DVD-based recorders might start dropping into a very attractive price band soon.
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