Vote for me! and other news


I see the 2007 Bloggies are open for nominations. I could ask for a nomination in the Asian Weblog category, but I know that I’m not the best (although last year’s winner was perhaps not the best), but I think I would rather get noticed in the best topical or best-kept-secret (is that best-kept secret or best kept secret?) categories. If you could drop my blog’s name into any of these categories I’d be more than grateful!

Second, with all the survey companies being on holiday, and of course with me being on holiday too, the quality’s been a bit lower than usual. My apologies for that, but I’ve got a nice topical survey in the pipeline, and hopefully next week will see a flood of new market research for me to translate.

Third, even if that happens, I’m in cram mode for the Kanji Kentei next month, so perhaps I might have slightly less time than usual to translate, so if I drop to a frequency of once every two days, you know why!

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