Online coupon site finds online shoppers like online coupons


Have you ever used a discount coupon when doing online shopping? graph of japanese statisticsI suppose the key findings of this survey may be suspected of being biased since it is appearing on the coupon site BJam (parent company Fazer), but nonetheless this survey into internet shopping coupon usage revealed a few interesting nuggets of information.


Between the 26th and 28th of October 2013 1,107 members of the Fastask monitor group completed a private internet-based questionnaire. All the respondents had done internet shopping, 59.6% of them were male, 13.1% in their teens, 17.0% in their twenties, 18.0% in their thirties, 18.0% in their forties, 17.0% in their fifties and 17.0% aged sixty or over.

I use coupons when shopping online, if available, but most of my shopping is merely for domain names. I don’t know exactly what my wife, a perhaps more typical shopper, uses though, although I think she regularly uses money-off coupons.
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