Peering inside the Japanese bedroom


How particular are you about your bedroom? graph of japanese statisticsNo, we’re not peering at that aspect of Japanese bedrooms, instead MyVoice looked at just about everything that goes on in the typical Japanese bedroom.


Over the first five days in September 2007 13,886 members of the MyVoice internet community completed a private internet-based questionnaire. 54% of the sample was female, 2% in their teens, 17% in their twenties, 39% in their thirties, 27% in their forties, and 15% in their fifties. Sadly the percentage of married people is not reported.

I would say I’m most comfortable in my garden and my bedroom, especially now that we’ve just changed to winter sheets! For Q3, outside of sleeping (etc…) I don’t actually use our bedroom for anything. My ideal bedroom colour would be perhaps a pastel green.
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