I ❤ AKB48


I never thought I’d write such a headline, but the news is that Japan’s most popular jailbait vocal group is donating half a billion yen (over 6 million dollars or just under 4 million pounds) towards earthquake relief:

Donate some cash yourself or I’ll post another video of them!

US Red Cross
UK Red Cross
Japan Red Cross

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Cat-faced AKB48 members

To celebrate the Day of the Cat in Japan (22/2 can sound like nyan-nyan-nyan, Japanese cats’ onomatopaeic meow) goo Ranking asked which member of AKB48 looks most like a cat.


Between the … Oh, bugger this! I am not the least interested in AKB48, a stupid pop group with 48 members that in no way appeals … Oh, bugger this again! I’m not even interested in describing who they are, nor, to get back to the survey, looking up the readings of all 48 of their names. I’m not even interested in trolling for visitors by having a title involving AKB48 and pussies, especially as if I did I’d probably be put on some kiddie-fiddler database somewhere.

Instead, here’s the first Japanese cat video from a Google search:

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