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UPDATE: somehow I managed to get the Zip file name wrong – sorry folks! It should now be working.

Current version: 1.2 – Download Recommend Google Pack WordPress Plugin

Change log

1.2: Fixed URL in status page, updated version number.

1.1: Cookie handling was broken badly! Now fixed.

1.0: Initial release.

Following a discussion on ProBlogger about 5 Tips for Improving AdSense Referrals Earnings, I wondered if there wasn’t a sixth tip. As I’d recently installed the What Would Seth Godin Do plugin, I thought I could extend it to cover adding AdSense referrals. However, my blog is not about SEO, so I thought I’d take the idea a bit further and try it with Google Pack recommendations, so one quick hacking session later, the Recommend Google Pack WordPress Plugin was born! Darren, if you’re reading, I could sell you the naming rights for a small sum. 🙂 How does “What Would Darren Rowse Do?” sound? 🙂

What this plugin does is (a) duplicate the What Would Seth Godin Do plugin functionality, but then (b) if the user is using Internet Explorer on Windows, also recommends the Google Pack and Firefox downloads.

Download my plugin, and install it in the usual fashion. Please use at your own risk! The configuration options can be found in the Options/RGP sub-menu.

Note that a pre-requisite to this plugin is WordPress Browser Detection Plugin by Priyadi Iman Nurcahyo – if that is not installed, the plugin behaviour will default to duplicating What Would Seth Godin Do, so you may want to disable WWSGD before installing this, or read the next paragrahp for further tips..

I did consider writing this as a complementary plugin to What Would Seth Godin Do, but then there would be a lot of duplicated behaviour. If you set the Message to All New Visitors to null in the options page, both can run side-by-side

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