Over a quarter of pages accessed from home are from Yahoo!

Time spent on web sites in Japan graphJust a quick report tonight from Nielson//NetRatings Japan on internet usage from home computers (not mobile phones) for the month of May 2006. First the graph for time spent on the top six sites.

This 16.3% for Yahoo! Japan represents about 125,000,000 hours, or an average of around 168,000 simultaneous users. However, when looking at time spent per user who visited each site, for mixi it was 4 hours and 28 minutes per person, over an hour longer per person than for Yahoo! Japan. In total, 42,400,000 people accessed the internet from home during May, with an average time spent online per person of 18 hours and two minutes.

Apricot manner

Watching Trivia no Izumi tonight, I saw this rather entertaining optical illusion, assuming your browser chooses a suitable Japanese font: 杏マナー杏マナー杏マナー杏マナー杏マナー杏マナー杏マナー杏マナー杏マナー杏マナー杏マナー杏マナー杏マナー杏マナー杏マナー杏マナー杏マナー杏マナー杏マナー杏マナー杏マナー杏マナー杏マナー杏マナー杏マナー杏マナー杏マナー杏マナー杏マナー杏マナー杏マナー杏マナー杏マナー杏マナー杏マナー杏マナー杏マナー Or going uphill: ーナマ杏ーナマ杏ーナマ杏ーナマ杏ーナマ杏ーナマ杏ーナマ杏ーナマ杏ーナマ杏ーナマ杏ーナマ杏ーナマ杏ーナマ杏ーナマ杏ーナマ杏ーナマ杏ーナマ杏ーナマ杏ーナマ杏ーナマ杏ーナマ杏ーナマ杏ーナマ杏ーナマ杏ーナマ杏ーナマ杏ーナマ杏ーナマ杏ーナマ杏ーナマ杏ーナマ杏ーナマ杏ーナマ杏ーナマ杏ーナマ杏ーナマ杏ーナマ杏 In further trivia news, by harnessing the power of 200 standard fire extinquishers, you can generate enough upthrust to lift a man a whole two Read more…

Japan needs babes!

Japanese age demographics (2006) graphThe Japanese Government’s Statistical Bureau recently released statistics on what I think is the biggest problem that will face Japan in the coming year, namely the decline in the number of births, which coupled with the aging population, is going to put an enormous strain on Japan’s finances in the years to come.

This year too (measured on the first of April) the number of children aged under 15 hit another record low, a 25 year unbroken decline in the birth rate. The headline figures are 17,470,000 children under 15 years old, representing 13.7% of the population, down 0.1 percentage points from last year. There also seems to be an imbalance in the sex distribution, with 105.3 boys for every 100 girls. The reason for this may be worth investigating.

International marriage still means Japanese man and Asian woman

I obtained some figures of international marriage in Japan, which I shall summarise here, giving the historical trends from 1985 to 2003. The exact source of this statistical data is unclear, but presumably from some government agency.

UPDATE: I found the source, an Excel sheet on the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare web site.

  1985 1990 1995 2000 2001 2002 2003
All couples 735,850 722,138 791,888 798,138 799,999 757,331 740,191
Husband and wife both Japanese 723,669 696,512 764,161 761,875 760,272 721,452 704,152
Either foreigner 12,181 25,626 27,727 36,263 39,727 35,879 36,039
Husband Japanese, wife foreign 7,738 20,026 20,787 28,326 31,972 27,957 27,881
Wife Japanese, husband foreign 4,443 5,600 6,940 7,937 7,755 7,922 8,158