The first-ever Japan Blog Matsuri! January 2007 edition

Just in case you’d thought I’d forgotton about it, here are the posts for the inaugural Japan Blog Matsuri, on the theme of matsuri, or festivals.

First up is James at Japan Probe, who, sort-of getting into my recent theme of organ transplants, submitted Videos of the Hounen Matsuri: An amazing fertility festival, which as you might suspect from the title, features none-too-work-safe videos of a massive willie. If you’re impressed, you still have time to get to this year’s event on the 15th of March in Komaki, Aichi (north of Nagoya).

Next is John from Fried Chicken Arcade, who covers the Dontosai Matsuri at Osaki Hachiman Shrine in Sendai, where people burn their New Year decorations for good fortune in the coming year.