Two in three vapers have decreased or quit tobacco


This survey from Donika, a company that has a finger in many pies, including Vape Online, which as the name suggests is an online shop for vape products, used this survey into the effect of using electronic tobacco on quitting smoking.

If you look at the figures for the respondents for each question they do not add up at all – I have no idea what they managed to get wrong, so please don’t pay too much attention to them.

Vaping is taking off in Japan, with most of the cigarette makers now releasing their own electronic tobacco devices; in fact, supply cannot keep up with demand with the latest model now sold out in every convenience store I visit. Note that specialised vaping devices don’t seem too popular.

An interesting thing is that I’ve only ever seen people vaping in smoking corners or around ash trays, which seems to sort of defeat one of the attractions of vaping.

Not even the fish are allowed to smoke at Tokyo Disney Sea:

Research results

Q1: Have you managed to quit cigarettes thanks to vaping? (Sample size=222)

Yes (to SQ1)
No, but decreased amount (to SQ1)
Quit smoking, but not from vaping
No, still smoke as much (to SQ2)

Q1SQ1: Why do you think you have been able to quit, decrease cigarettes thanks to vaping? (Sample size=236)

Can get satisfaction of smoking without nicotine
I’ve lost the taste for cigarettes
Want to smoke as before, but can endure the cravings by vaping

Q1SQ2: Why do you think you have not been able to quit, decrease cigarettes thanks to vaping? (Sample size=125)

Can’t get my nicotine fix from vaping
Like the taste of tobacco
Don’t plan to stop smoking


Between the 13th and 19th of June 2017 582 people completed a survey solicited via Vape Online’s public Twitter account. All the respondents were people who have smoked tobacco and now vape.

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