Celebrities that drive you to drink


This is in a good way (well, assuming you accept that celebrities should be promoting beer), which celebrities in beer adverts give people a thirst.

I couldn’t find a nice ranking from goo this week, so instead I’ve borrowed a result from an @nifty survey into beer that I will probably fully translate the remainder of this week.

Japan gets them started young; on the left is “Beer for good children”, on the right is “Children’s drink”.

Beers for Children

Ranking result

Q: Which celebrity in beer (or beer-like) commercials make you thirsty? (Sample size=2,796)

1. Dan Rei, Suntory Kinmugi, 10.7%

She’s been doing these adverts for almost ten years; wonderful sex appeal, dreadful fake beer. Here’s 9 minutes-worth of them over the years.

2. Eikichi Yazawa, The Premium Malt’s, 8.8%

Great beer, terrible grocers’ apostrophe. An aging rocker that I wouldn’t say no to having a Premium Malt’s or five with.

3. Yuko Takeuchi, The Premium Malt’s, 8.4%

Sorry, I haven’t a clue who she is. With Yazawa having the old git market wrapped up, she’s going for the younger female market, I suppose.

4. Masahara Fukuyama, Asahi Super Dry, 7.7%

The boring middle-of-the-road beer, the boring middle-of-the-road actor/musician pushing it, but now with bonus Johnny Depp.

5. Christel Takigawa, Yebisu, 5.1%

My favourite Japan beer, although a little expensive.

6. Nao Matsushita, Clear Asahi Prime Rich, 4.0%

More fake beer; this advertisement annoys me greatly.

7. Arashi, Ichiban Shibori, 3.9%

The Arashis look as if they’d be under the table after half a pint of shandy. My favourite standard beer, but these guys should be advertising nothing stronger than sugary colas.

8. Satoshi Tsumabuki, Sapporo Black Label, 3.5%

I’ve had this in bottles a couple of times, and it’s very nice with food. Tsumabuki is the younger of the two here.

9. Tomomitsu Yamaguchi (Gussan), Clear Asahi, 3.4%

Yet more fake beer; I’d love to have a proper beer with this guy as he seems a good laugh. He seems to have defected from advertising Kirin fake beer up to about three years ago.

10. Chisato Moritaka, Asahi Style Free, 2.5%

And we finish up with another fake beer, also featuring the guy from the Sapporo Black Label ad above in another support role. It’s zero purine, zero sugars, 6% alcohol.

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