Snoozing favourite secret office activity


Today we have a fun little survey from goo Ranking looking at what Japanese surreptitiously get up to at work.

Note that the two different kinds of dozing; at 4 we have “sleep”, which implies, perhaps, leaving the office and finding a quiet corner to lie down for 40 winks, whereas 9, “snoozing in the toilets” is just what it says, taking some extra time in a cubicle at the office. I’m kind of surprised “boozing” doesn’t appear in the list, but I’d like to know how much of the “other” category was this.

I’m not really aware of people doing surreptitious stuff in my office, but perhaps that shows how skilled they are at it? If I were to be cynical, not that I ever would be, it would be “work”, as everyone seems fully occupied with busy work and meetings and document preparations, but how things actually progress is still a mystery to me.

Here’s someone sleeping on the job:


Ranking result

Q: What do you do secretly at work? (Sample size=3,262)


Rank Votes
1Smartphone game app386
2LINE chat301
3Net surfing256
5Personal-use copying183
6Online game165
7Have an affair144
9Snooze in the toilets125
12Listen to music109
13Read a book88
14Solo karaoke79
15Muscle training75
16Net shopping72
17Abdominal breathing68
18=Workplace romance59
18=Study for qualifications59
20Listen to the radio58
22Work on my side job43
23Watch television41
24Go for a walk39


Between the 6th and 20th of May 2017 goo Rankings asked visitors to their site and related properties to complete an internet-based questionnaire. 3,262 people answered the survey, but no further demographics were given.

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